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General Pest

We offer QUARTERLY, MONTHLY, and ONE-TIME services for general household pests with some restrictions and limitations, using IPM techniques and EPA registered products.


Summit Pest Solutions incorporates the use of IGR's along with a misting of foliage that is timed to have minimal effect on bees and other pollinators.

Fire Ants


Bed Bugs

At Summit Pest Solutions, we have been dealing with the Bed Bug epidemic for over 15 years.  We have found that every situation is unique, and calls for a site specific remedy.  We utilize a combination of dry heat, chemical, and non-chemical means to achieve rapid, long-term control.

Fire Ants are a relatively new pest species to our mountain counties.  They do not tend to build tall mounds like they do farther south and can sometimes be difficult to spot.  Look for lower lying ant hills and call us for a free ID of these troublesome lawn pests.

Termite Control


Termite Control also requires knowledge and specific skills to be able to achieve quick and lasting results.  At Summit, we have chosen to partner with BASF to offer their Premium Trelona Baiting System.  This system is approved for annual monitoring by the EPA and its results have shown COMPLETE COLONY ELIMINATION.

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